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Mandrel Bending in London, Ontario

Mandrel bending is a highly precise and versatile technique used to bend pipes and tubes without causing them to collapse or deform, a specialty we have perfected at United Muffler Corporation in London, Ontario. This process involves inserting a mandrel—a solid piece of metal—into the tube during bending. At our London, Ontario facility, the mandrel supports the tube’s interior, ensuring a smooth, uniform bend with minimal distortion, crucial for high-performance and aesthetic applications such as automotive exhaust systems, structural components, and industrial piping.

In London, Ontario, our advanced mandrel bending equipment allows for the creation of complex shapes and designs, including tight radii and intricate curves, while maintaining the integrity of the material. Utilizing both aluminized and stainless steel tubing, our London, Ontario-based team leverages this technology to produce high-quality, custom bends.

Our expertise in mandrel bending in London, Ontario ensures that each bend meets exact specifications, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various industries. By leveraging mandrel bending techniques in London, Ontario, we deliver products that enhance performance, durability, and visual appeal, meeting the diverse needs of our clients in London, Ontario.

Mandrel Bending Capabilities in London, Ontario

Our mandrel bending capabilities at our facility in London, Ontario are at the forefront of the industry, providing precision and customization to meet diverse needs. Key features include:

All Mandrel Bends in London, Ontario

Our London, Ontario-based mandrel bending capabilities include all types of mandrel bends, ensuring precise and consistent results. Mandrel bending in London, Ontario involves inserting a mandrel into the tube during the bending process, preventing it from collapsing and maintaining a smooth interior finish. This technique is essential for creating complex exhaust systems with high performance.

Aluminized or Stainless Steel Tubing in London, Ontario

We offer mandrel bending services using both aluminized and stainless steel tubing in London, Ontario. Aluminized steel provides excellent protection against corrosion, while stainless steel offers superior strength and longevity. These material options ensure that our bent tubes from London, Ontario are not only durable but also suited for various environmental conditions.

Round Tubing from 1″ through 6″ in London, Ontario

Our capabilities in London, Ontario cover round tubing with diameters ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches. This range allows us to cater to different exhaust system requirements, from smaller, high-performance applications to larger, heavy-duty systems in London, Ontario. We ensure that each bend is precise, maintaining the integrity and performance of the tubing.

Custom Shapes and Designs: Headers, Flares, Bungs in London, Ontario

In addition to standard bends, our London, Ontario location can create custom shapes and designs, including headers, flares, and bungs. These custom components are essential for specialized exhaust systems, ensuring optimal flow and performance in London, Ontario. Our expertise in custom designs allows us to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing tailored solutions that enhance vehicle performance.

Advanced Equipment: Faro Arm Inspections with 1/1000th Inch Accuracy in London, Ontario

We utilize advanced equipment, such as Faro Arm inspections, in London, Ontario to ensure the highest level of precision in our mandrel bending processes. With an accuracy of 1/1000th of an inch, we can guarantee that each bend in London, Ontario meets the exact specifications required. This precision is crucial for maintaining the performance and reliability of the exhaust systems we produce.

State-of-the-Art Welding: Orbital, Robotic TIG, MIG in London, Ontario

Our welding capabilities in London, Ontario include state-of-the-art techniques such as orbital, robotic TIG, and MIG welding. These advanced welding methods ensure strong, consistent welds that enhance the durability and performance of our bent tubes in London, Ontario. By employing the latest technology, we can produce high-quality exhaust components that meet rigorous standards.

Mandrel Bending Material Options

Tube Diameter
(in & mm)
For Multi-Bend Parts Minimum Straight (in) Required w/o WeldsCenter Line Radius
(in & mm)
Tube Diameter
(in & mm)
For Multi-Bend Parts Minimum Straight (in) Required w/o WeldsCenter Line Radius
(in & mm)
1.00 (25.40)4.001.00 (25.40)3.00 (76.20)3.00 – 4.004.00 (101.60)
1.25 (31.75)4.002.00 (50.80)3.50 (88.90)3.00 – 6.004.00 (101.60)
1.50 (38.10)4.002.00 (50.80)3.50 (88.90)3.00 – 6.006.00 (154.40)
1.75 (44.45)4.002.00 (50.80)4.00 (101.60)3.00 – 4.504.50 (114.30)
2.00 (50.80)3.00 – 4.002.00 (50.80)4.00 (101.50)3.00 – 4.506.00 (154.40)
2.25 (57.15)3.00 – 4.002.25 (57.15)4.00 (101.60)3.00 – 4.508.00 (203.20)
2.50 (63.50)3.00 – 4.003.00 (76.20)5.00 (127.00)8.00 – 12.005.00 (127.00)
2.75 (69.85)3.00 – 4.003.00 (76.20)5.00 (127.00)8.00 – 12.006.00 (154.40)
2.75 (69.85)3.00 – 4.004.00 (101.60)6.00 (154.40)9.00 – 12.006.00 (154.40)
3.00 (76.20)3.00 – 4.003.00 (76.20)6.00 (154.40)9.00 – 12.009.00 (228.60)
3.00 (76.20)3.00 – 4.003.50 (88.00)